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12/20/2013:  My Adventure Show print was featured on

Comics Alliance's BEST ART EVER (this week)




11/15/2012: HIDE was successfully funded on:

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this webcomic into a 140-Page color graphic novel!


09/03/2013: The book is completely drawn and lettered.

All that remains is about 30 pages to color. We're almost there!






                                                                HIDE  Issue #1 Cover




My parody version of Image Comics "Experience Creativity" ads they've been running in the back of their books recently.
Originals can be seen HERE

It's just a parody so please don't cry or be sad.


Return Of The Lovin' Dead: The Graphic Novel 

Return Of The Lovin' Dead: Basically a parody of celebrity reality love shows. Only instead of an aging musician trying to hook up with girls half his age, or a wannabe star looking to make a name for their self, this series stars a has-been celebrity zombie (Ben, the doomed hero from the original Night Of The Living Dead) because it only makes sense that the object of your affection should be someone whose main goal in life is to ultimately kill you and eat you. Isn't that what true love is all about?
For $15 you'll get a personalized copy of Return Of The Lovin' Dead sent right to your front door!

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Available on our Products page and can be previewed HERE.  







   The Adventures Of Dexter Breakfast is the story of a wombat cowboy (Dex) and his sidekick: a talking dog named Deeohjee. Originally published as bi-monthly comic books and annual trade paperbacks, the entire first story is now available in a single collected edition on our Products page and can be previewed HERE.

  This series is different from most All-Ages comics in that we're focusing on the "ALL" in "All-Ages". This isn't some watered down kiddie-comic. Sure, kids can read it and be entertained by it it but it's also smart enough for teens and adults to read and enjoy on their own levels.





El MacFearsome Comic Squares is a small comic book studio based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally founded in 2005 by Vernon Smith as a part-time hobby, it has since become an independent publisher with worldwide distribution, mainly for it's flagship title: The Adventures Of Dexter Breakfast.